Alexander Zehnder

Alexander Zehnder
  • Alexander is the President and Managing director of Sanofi S.p.A, a leading multinational Pharma company with a large presence in Italy.
  • After finishing his degree as Medical Doctor (MD) and getting an MBA from IMD, he has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 20 years, in roles of increasing complexity and responsibility, some more product development focused, others more commercial, in different continents and cultures, from Switzerland to Spain and Japan, from Silicon Valley to Greece and Italy.
  • Prior to joining Sanofi, he spend 15 years at Roche, where he was among other responsible for multiple cancer programs and 6bn USD turnover. He also spent 3 years at Genentech in San Francisco, as global franchise head for Oncology.
  • Alexander is a passionate leader who combines the love of science, business and technology and who is driven to develop new businesses, deliver growth, transform companies and have a positive impact on patient’s lives.