Flavio Mantelli

Flavio Mantelli
  • Flavio is currently Chief medical Officer at Dompè US inc., Ophtalmology and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology, Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
  • His main research interest in in dry eye, cornea and ocular surface diseases, Nerve Growth Factor and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Previously, Flavio was Board member, Cochrane Eye and Vision group; Clinical scientist, cornea and ocular surface Laboratory, IRCCS Fondazione GB Bietti, Rome; Consultant Ophthalmologist, cornea and ocular surface Dept. Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome and at San Raffaele Hospital of Milan.
  • He was also PhD student in organ plasticity and tissue regeneration for functional recovery, PhD thesis on the use of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in degenerative ocular diseases and Postdoctoral Research Fellow in ocular surface glycobiology at Schepens Eye Research Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA.