Luca Garibaldi

  • Luca is the co-founder of STUDIO LEGALE GARIBALDI-QUARZO, a Milan-based law firm specializing in corporate, commercial and idustrial law applied, principally, to the Health sector.
  • Prior to professing as a self-employed lawyer, he matured a significat experience as head of legal affairs in a leading international medical device company, contributing to the implementation of the primary EU directives on Medical Devices .
  • Since 1999, as a Milan-listed business lawyer, he has continued to practice law with special focus in the fields of pharmaceutical law and, more generally, of the laws that form the operational-basis for any company active in the health sector.
  • Luca continues to act as general counsel for a selected number of leading national and international companies operating in his fields of practice and expertise. He has assisted several entrapeneurs, both inventors and investors, through the various stages of their business-ventures, until maturity and full expansion of their businesses, including cases of reknown all-Italian success.
  • In his more than ventennal experience in the health sector, Luca has also managed to distinguish himself as one of the few lawyers with an in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations applicable to clinical-trails on medicinal products for human use. He also continues to practice corporate and commercial law for ordinary and non-ordinary operations, with a clear inhouse-like approach which is both practical and informal.