Luca Spaccapelo


    • Graduate with honors in Medicine and Surgery, Luca started his academic career as clinical pharmacologist involved in clinical and research activities at the division of toxicology and clinical pharmacology of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. From 2009 and 2012, Luca has been author or co-author of 21 scientific publications on internationally recognized journals and 20 abstracts. In 2012 he obtained a post-graduate degree in Pharmacology. In 2018, Luca strengthen his managerial profile with an Executive MBA (Bologna Business School).

    • At 30 years old, Luca started his new life in the pharma industry. After an initial experience in Menarini, Luca moved to Chiesi Farmaceutici (his current company) where he created a new R&D function fully dedicated to the evaluation of new opportunities. In his career, Luca evaluated more than 1250 different compounds in all stages of development and in different therapeutic areas. He is currently leading two groups: one dedicated to the assessment of assets and R&D due diligence coordination and a new team focused on the evaluation of start-ups and disruptive technologies. He has been involved in more that 15 deals with a nominal value close to 2 B$.

    • Luca founded a consultancy company, Science for Business Consulting, supporting venture capital funds in R&D assessments of potential opportunities.

    • Luca is an enthusiastic and proactive leader embedding clinical, scientific and business skills. In Chiesi, he has been involved in several strategic exercises and he was recently involved as workstream leader of the open innovation group.