Newly Created Italian Angels for Biotech “IAB”

The first association of Business Angels entirely devoted to Life Sciences.

Bresso, January 11, 2016.


he Italian Angels for Biotech (IAB, has been created though the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs, managers and scientists of the Life Science sector.

The Italian Angels for Biotech has the objective of providing a forum that facilitates the interaction between its members, start-ups and innovation. IAB membership is made of more than twenty successful entrepreneurs and aims at extending participation to other Angels in the next few months.
The innovation emerging from the centers of excellence in research in Italy are in need of entrepreneurial support and initial seed funding in order to reach a sufficient level of maturity to attract the international investment community.
IAB will select the best projects to be presented at “elevator pitch” events aimed at evaluating IAB members’ interest to finance and support them. IAB plans to hold 3-4 meetings per year.

Luca Benatti, Chairman and co-founder of IAB said:

“Our key words are: finance, nurture and connection. The added value of our association goes beyond the mere funding of the projects. Once a project has been identified and proves to be of value, the members of our Team become entrepreneur partners contributing to the start-up growth and success.”

Alessandro Sidoli, Vice President and co-founder of IAB added:

“The progress made by biomedicine and in general by the Life Sciences sector, support the notion of being in a revolutionary era comparable to the birth of digital technology. IAB will be one of the links needed to transform the best research ideas into companies, products and technologies to improve the quality of life and the economic development of our country.”

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