We invest broadly in any early-stage Life Sciences project:

– drug discovery and development
– advanced therapies
– diagnostics and reagents
– medical devices
– medical equipments
– biomaterials
– nutriceuticals
– veterinary products
…and more


An angel investor is a wealth individual who invests directly into promising entrepreneurial early stage businesses in return for stock in the companies. The investment is frequently done together with other angels to provide emerging companies with seed and startup capital. Angels are active investors who contribute their experience and time to the success of the company. The members of IAB specialize in the Life Science industry and technologies. They enjoy the “thrill” of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. They also offer extremely valuable contacts within their own network, which is another key factor for the development of the company (e.g. venture capital network).

Your success depends on the on the strength of your proposal. We will only invite you to present if we believe your business idea has any chance to be financed. Ultimately, it will depend on the individual judgment of an Angel or a group of them to believe in your proposal and decide to finance it and join your enterprise. We offer no guarantees as regards the outcome. Sometimes, if we like the opportunity but feel you are not quite ready for investment you might get some advice to perform further work on your proposal and present at later stage.

You will be invited to make a short presentation of 20 minutes maximum to the IAB members. You should focus on key messages. Instructions of key information to be provided are found in the application form. During your pitch and afterwards (if your project is selected for further assessment), you will get valuable feedback, that will help you in the future, regardless whether members of IAB will decide to invest in your opportunity.

There is no limit in principle. The amount depends on stage of your proposal and on how many angels are investing together. Most investments by individuals are between €5,000 and €100,000 per company round.

There is no rule and IAB is not involved in negotiating the deal. Ultimately, negotiation will take place between you and the angel or a group of them who have decided to invest. Usually the investment is made in exchange for equity and requires signing of a shareholders agreement.

Typically the size of an Angel investment is between € 5,000 to € 100,000, but could also be larger. We do not operate as a Venture Capital fund. Investments are made by angels as individual. The role of IAB is only to provide the environment to facilitate entrepreneurs and investors to meet. The longer exit horizon affords both the entrepreneur and the angel investor the time to build value into the venture, which subsequently brings higher valuations when additional funding is sought from larger Venture Capital funds.

Any duly completed funding Application Form will be processed and reviewed at no charge.

No, funding Application Forms can be submitted at any time during the year.

Typically Angels are long term and patience investors but each member has his/her own requirements for exiting an investment that have to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


Prior to submitting your proposal we strongly encourage you to navigate through our web site and collect all relevant information about who we are, our investment philosophy, how we operate, and what we are looking for.

The evaluation process is pretty straightforward


First you have to submit your proposal by compiling the Funding Application Form. Please note that incomplete forms will not be processed and that all the information submitted are supposed to be non-confidential.



Each proposal will be screened and if your project has generated sufficient interest you will be invited to present your project at the Elevator Pitch event (“IAB Elevator Pitch”). We plan four IAB Elevator Pitch per year, where all IAB members are invited to attend. The presentation must be provided at least 1 week prior to the meeting to ensure that all required information is included. Please note that a proposal that is not selected for the IAB Elevator Pitch may still receive comments/recommendations and could be re-submitted later for further consideration


The IAB Elevator Pitch will last approximately 30 minutes per project (15-20 min for the presentation and 10 min for Q&A). Each IAB member could independently decide to proceed to Step 4, the due diligence phase. If your project has attracted the interest of one or more members you will agree with them on how to follow-up. IAB, as an Association will be not involved directly in Step 4 and onwards


Each Angel who has decided to consider investing in your project will meet and discuss terms for entering into a due diligence phase. Most likely this will entail signing a confidentiality agreement as well as beginning business discussion on financial and legal terms


If due diligence is positively completed a term sheet will be presented to the entrepreneur by the investing angels and if agreed an Investment agreement will be finalized, agreed and signed by the parties. Typically, the investment agreement contains details about the amount to be invested, equity composition of the company, mentoring arrangements, board composition etc.


To proceed with your application download from the link below the Funding Application Form, please note that, before submission the completed form must be transformed in pdf, and than it could be uploaded and sent to our email address by filling in your personal details below.


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