If you are interested in joining Italian Angels for Biotech, we encourage you check our key requirements. If you remain interested please send your resume by using the form on this page. Submitted applications that will meet our criteria will be discussed at the first available Board. If approved, you will be officially notified and will receive detailed instructions on next steps.



Each member must have relevant experience in the Life Sciences field as entrepreneur/manager/investor/advisor/scientist. The aim is to provide the entrepreneur with valuable know-how in starting and growing a business. Membership is not restricted to Italian citizens.

Number of Meetings

The Association will meet 4 times per calendar year. Each member is expected to attend these meetings. A calendar of meeting dates will be set before the start of each year.


One-time “entry fee” of € 1,000 plus an annual participation fee of about € 300/year.


You will be asked to provide a short bio and a photo that will be posted on the IAB website.

Investments size

There are no limits on the size of investments.
Decision to invest is made by each member on a personal basis. The Association is neither an investment fund nor a holding company. When a deal is closed with a project presented through the IAB, the member/s have to inform the IAB and the deal will be listed on the IAB website.

Stage of investment

Seed stage

If you read our key requirements but you need to know more

Feel free to write us with the form you see at the very base of any pages, or go to